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Beginners mistakes to avoid when starting in 3D Industry

Let's talk about the inside reality of 3D Industry - When we join a new job, be it games or movies, we have a certain Image of the environment and lifestyle in that said production house/Gaming company. Here in this Beginners guide to 3D Industry we are going to tell you the things you shouldn't overlook from the beginning.

Many times you will find yourself in a situation where you are needed to contribute a 'little' extra. be it your Time (working hours) or your holidays. Sometimes you will find yourself stuck where you are not even related directly, (Ex - colleague stuck on something & asks you to help out.) Though helping others is a good thing, but if it comes at the cost of your workload, i would say you need to take a polite but Firm stand.

Even as a newcomer, you have basic rights like others. People might try to push you down, it's you who will have to create a space for yourself.

But that does't mean starting a new job is always a nightmare, you will find many experts to learn from, you will make many friends & memories, there will be countless opportunities to grow as an Artist & Individual.

So, leave that fear behind and start the journey of your life.

If you are new to the industry post your thoughts below. Share what you love & what inspires you.

If you are already working, Share your Experience Below & tell us how was your first job. what's YOUR experience till now like?

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